Arts Discovery Days Educational Programs 2020-2021

Want to experience one or more Performing Art forms in one venue: we have space - the passion - and the instructors.
We are in the heART of Kelowna’s Cultural District, if you are booking field trips to the Kelowna Art Gallery or Kelowna Museums and want to include performing arts for your students – we are here for you. We have many options to choose from to make your day in the Cultural District dramatically “over the top”. Our professional artists are passionate about what they teach and have been instructing for the RCA for many years. They are well versed in the new curriculum core competencies and look forward to assisting teachers in all teaching endeavors.

Registration is now open for The Rotary Centre for the Arts popular Arts Discovery Program for 2020-21.
Have your Kindergarten to Grade 6 students experience one or more Performing Art forms in one venue.

We are taking the utmost care to provide a safe and healthy environment for your students. Your health and safety is our top priority. See our COVID-19 safety measures for school groups.

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Our professional art instructors are passionate about what they teach and have been instructing for the RCA for many years. They are well versed in the new curriculum core competencies and look forward to assisting teachers in all teaching endeavors. Performing Arts sessions are held in the RCA’s dance studios, equipped with sprung wood flooring. 

RCA offers the following:

a. Dance: Hip Hop, Jazz Dance
b. Theatre: Musical Theatre, Traditional Drama
c. Martial Arts: Kung Fu
d. Storytelling
e. New for 2020- Online Education Programs:  Digital Cut Out Animation, Musical Buckets, Bateman Foundation Nature Sketching
f. Coming in January 2021: Indigenous Storytelling with Dance, Ukraninan Dance


For in-person programs, the cost is $5/student per session.

In-Person Programs

Our class field studies workshop options provide in-person instruction from certified instructors.

The following programs are offered for school classes from K-6 and range from 1 hour to 1.5 hours of instruction, Monday - Friday.


Hip-Hop dance is a style that emerged from Hip Hop culture. Participants engage with movement, Improvisation, improve their musicality, and cardio fitness. This rhythmic and high-energy dance style teaches students rhythm, flow, Improved body coordination, and listening. Hip-hop is also known for encouraging constant innovation and personal expression.

Instructor: Simonne Kraigher

Jazz Dance
Jazz dance paralleled the birth and spread of jazz itself from roots in Black American society. The contemporary dance style is accompanied by both traditional and contemporary music. The class will focus on movement, fun, and technique.

Instructor: Simonne Kraigher

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Musical Theatre
Improve personal expression through, acting, and dancing. Musical Theatre is a theatrical dance style that includes dance technique and acting to songs from broadways and musicals. Students act out their favorite musical numbers in a comfortable and supportive environment. Stage direction, self-expression, and singing/lip-syncing are just a few of the skills that they will practice each class. (1.5 hours)

Instructor: Mundia Kabunda

Traditional Drama
Includes games and activities. Movement is explained allowing youth to interpret their formations while acquiring new skills. The creative traditional drama also assists in learning new and traditional subjects, such as Shakespeare – making it easier to visualize and investigate with new methods. Exploring materials with new understanding.

Instructor: Peter Navratil

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Kung Fu
A “no contact” performance art consisting of open hand and body movement forms that teach the students a sequence of moves – an applied ancient art form. Youth gain new self-confidence, self-control, and discipline growth. Respect for themselves, adults, and each other is also taught. (1.5 hours)

Instructor: Greatway Martial Arts

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YeKrik: Storytelling with Randy Jernidier
Introduction to Storytelling inspired by the Creole Culture of Karukera (Guadeloupe). The class pays a subtle tribute to the Griots of West Africa who are keepers of ‘African’ oral tradition of storytelling. The contemporary structure of the lesson allows for play, discussion, and the opportunity for students to tell their stories. 


Instructor: Randy Jernidier

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New for 2020!


Choose from the following online programs to bring arts and cultural experiences and learning into your classroom.

Digital Cut-Out Animation
A fun introduction to the concepts of digital animation where students' handmade art is brought into an animation program! Students and teachers will receive a finished video file of simple animations made from student creations. Learning groups do not need individual computers, only a teacher's machine w/ webcam required. Also available for remote learning groups. (1hour)

Instructor: Brock Gratz

Musical Buckets
Join visual and sound artist Dave Gould who combines his love for sound, storytelling, and performance into educational lessons. He is currently purveying repurposed items to form a marching band. Classrooms will be mailed a “Musical Bucket” in advance of the workshop filled with simple household items that will be created into an instrument! Dave borrows from and blends many art mediums to assist classrooms to create and play a creative instrument – a 5-time wood Kamlima (for suitable for grades 4 to 6) or a wood panel (suitable for K to grade 3). Gould has performed all over North America as a percussionist in various bands and is best known for playing vintage toilets and caribou antlers. (45-minutes)

Instructor: Dave Gould (45-minute online workshop)

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