Okanagan Artist Coalition November 2020-January 2021

in the Galleria

Group Artist Statement

Okanagan Artist Coalition (OKAC) is a group of Okanagan Artists who have come together to network, connect with, and support each other in pursuit of our art. We work in multifaceted practices using painting mediums, glass, and fabric. The artists in our coalition present variations in subject matter, both realistic and non-representational, that in prior exhibitions have appealed to universal audiences.

Our inspiration comes from the Okanagan, nature, and life which give a richness to our art that connects both the artist and the viewer. One of our common goals as a group of artists is to encourage each other and the viewing public to embrace different ways of looking at and seeing art.

Our artists convey their impressions, evoke feelings and sensations through their work enticing the viewer to connect. The array of our artwork enables the exhibition to attract people with diverse interests and points of view.