Cool Arts Society November 2020-January 2021

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Cool Arts Society is a charity providing fine arts opportunities for adults living with a developmental disability in the Central Okanagan.

We offer classes that are accessible and affordable and that use adaptive equipment in the studio. Every week, 75 to 100 member artists participate in weekday classes and weekend workshops, working in a variety of mediums - drawing, painting, sculpture, fibre arts, and more. And, we’ve added digital art and animation in the mix. With the support of professional artists, our cool artists develop their own unique styles, making decisions and controlling every aspect of their creative process. This freedom of expression allows artists to find their voice and communicate in new ways. We also have a Young Adult Program designed to introduce Cool Arts to high schools.

The quality of the work and instruction has served to build our reputation as an authentic arts organization. Most of our classes and workshops are taught by professional level artists and art teachers. Over the past few years, Cool Arts has taken part in some very interesting collaborations and partnerships with other organizations; locally, nationally and internationally. A few of these include the FINA, the RCA, Kelowna Art Gallery, Ponderosa Spinners and Weavers, local businesses and restaurants. All this has served to broaden the borders of what we do; as well as bring a greater degree of community inclusion.

It’s important to state that Cool Arts is not about art therapy:

· It’s about making art, taking classes and learning;

· It’s about creating opportunities and partnerships;

· It’s about being in a supportive fine arts environment – being part of the human experience;

· It’s about exhibiting and performing, being free to express oneself;

· It’s about being a part of the larger arts community which means inclusion.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through the arts.

We believe disabilities should not interfere with this choice.