Mary Irwin Theatre Summer Special Rates

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Are you searching for a place with state-of-the-art lighting where you can perfectly capture or film moments? Or a venue to hone your acting/singing/dancing skills with the feeling of an actual performance?

The Mary Irwin Theatre is now open to clients who are searching for a location of photoshoots, rehearsals, filming, and other activities without the audience. With professional sound and stage equipment coupled with a fully furnished green room, the theatre is perfect for those who want an intimate but a well-resourced venue. Offer lasts until August 31, 2021. Book now!

Rental Rates* (comes with 1 tech and a COVID-19 ambassador):

Minimum of 3 hours per booking

Regular - $135/hour

Non-profit - $90/hour

 8 continuous hours

Regular - $812

Non-profit - $535

*For performances with small audience, please contact for a quote.

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