Studio 113

Resident Artist Co-op

Studio 113 is the gallery and workspace of Angela Bonten, Trina Ganson and Sarah Parsons. Oil and acrylic painting, charcoal drawing, fibre art and printmaking can be found in this multi-artist studio/gallery.

Sarah ParsonsSarah Parsons was born in Warwickshire, England and began her career as an Artist in her late twenties. With a fun and happy undertone, Sarah's art often includes animals or bottoms! Her colour palette is bright and rich and she promotes recycling and reusing materials wherever possible.

Since moving to the Okanagan in 2003, Sarah has been very focused on her Artistic Career, exhibiting at galleries and special events and hosting workshops, classes and art camps. She is Event Coordinator for Papergirl Kelowna, has been an active participant in the Okanagan Arts Awards and is currently on the board of Directors for Cool Arts Society.

Honey Bee lets fly to Mars | Sarah ParsonsParrots in the Tropical Trees | Sarah ParsonsSome Girls are Bigger than Others | Sarah ParsonsSuch Great Heights | Sarah ParsonsWalking in the Air | Sarah Parsons
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In 2012, Sarah's artwork adorned the covers of two books, 'Tales from the Red and Grey' and 'The Recipe for the Devine Soup', plus the front of the art catalogue 'New Mooners' show. In January 2013, Sarah published her first art Calendar conveying artwork from her 'Imagine' Series of Drawings.

Trina GansonTrina Ganson - The immeasurable vastness of the worlds environment intrigues my curiosity. These images are a reflection of the various things found within the environment and although they may not seem to be a true representation there is a reality within them that exists. This is a bases to my thoughts and provokes the imagination that creates the organic nature within my art.

Mistery | Trina GansonCommon Descent #1 | Trina GansonCommon Descent #2 | Trina GansonWorm #1 | Trina GansonCelestial Wars | Trina Ganson
Blockprint | Trina GansonBlockprint II | Trina GansonSoul Drawing II | Trina GansonSoul Drawing | Trina GansonMonotype | Trina Ganson
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Angela Bonten has a diverse artistic career. She is a graduate of both the fibre art and fine art programs of Grant MacEwan College. She has taught and exhibited extensively across Canada. Her work, like her life, is constantly changing and growing."I do not adhere to one style. I try to respond to where my inner artistic voice is leading me. I think my work reflects that." She is a painter, papermaker and textile artist.

Vertical Fabrication | Angela BontenFabrication | Angela BontenArt A1 | Angela BontenVista | Angela BontenRick's Garden | Angela Bonten
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