My Studio
creative hands at work

Studio 112, Resident Artist Co-op

My Studio is an eclectic space where wonderful creations come to life. This small corner of the RCA is home to a variety of Artists who work in many different mediums. You will find classes in painting, knitting jewelry, fibre art... and pretty much anything else. Throughout the summer, My Studio will be running kids camps weekly. If you do not see a class offered but have something you would like to try, let us know and chances are we can make it happen.


MyStudio is a studio concept created to provide a venue for artisans, sculptors and crafters to explore their own creativity and talents. One does not need to be a recognized artist to become a member, the only criteria needed are an interest in art, and a desire to be creative.

• provides a space to create work and share ideas and information
• will assist members by organizing shows in Galleries and public spaces
• will promote public awareness and appreciation through demonstrations and workshops

Executive, Monthly and Associate memberships are available. For more information or to obtain a membership, please contact Donna Lee at (250) 899-4231 or