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The Rotary Centre for the Arts offers individuals and community art groups the opportunity to display work in spaces throughout the centre.
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Artwork by Jaine Buse

Jaine Buse: A Tribute to San Miquel de Allende (SMA)

Alex Fong Galleria | August 2015

On the advice of friends, I finally undertook the challenge to find out what this charming Mexican town is all about. Geographically it is in an agricultural, rich land in the mountains positioned between Mexico City and Leon. Its charming character, history, culture, people and architecture caught my heart and soul within the first two days. I spent February and March there in 2014 and January in 2015. In March 2016, I head back with 15 women.

This show is the culmination of the works created during my time there. The materials and paints used are Mexican quality and were inspired while working with three different artists in residence in SMA. Christina from Eastern Europe, Britt from the U.S. and Donna from Canada have all made their lives in Mexico and are teaching and selling their art.

A highlight of my first visit was meeting, conversing, and hanging out in Canadian Artist, Toller Cranston’s studio. Unfortunately I did not see him the last visit as he died while we were in SMA. One of the pieces created is the gate to his home.

The intention of this show is to illustrate the love I have of all my experiences in SMA. One of the techniques I learned, to show off the roughness of the building walls, is applying paint with plastic and medium. I was very entitled to spend three weeks in Christina’s studio, having her work with me to study perspective, people and colour.

I hope you enjoy the collection and it inspires you to make a visit to this wonderful tapestry of humanity and history! Yes, the sun and heat enhance the experience!

– Jane


Jaine started painting seriously, seven years ago when she retired to Kelowna. Her bold acrylic and mixed media creations evolve from images of places travelled, people met and experiences of everyday life.

Her last two years spent in San Miquel de Allende have led to an art show of her experience and feeling for the Mexican culture in August this year at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna. Jaine worked with three different artists while in Mexico and continues to take classes and workshops to be inspired by other processes.

Jaines’s work is in homes in North America, Japan, Mexico, England. She has shown in various galleries in BC and has had two solo shows in Kelowna.

Jaine strongly believes that Everyone Deserves to own Affordable Original Art. Art is candy for the eye and must make your heart sing!
She works on the board of Livessence and Mission Painters in Kelowna and is leading a group of 15 painters to Mexico in March of 2016. She is partner of Gallery 97 in Peachland.


Route by Leonard Matte

Leonard Matte

South Atrium | August 2015


Leonard Matte is a Western Canadian artist who has been residing in Burns Lake, British Columbia. Born in 1960, he was raised in the Vancouver Mainland where he spent most of his life. Always a practicing artist, he has had other professions including teaching painting and drawing classes to both children and adults. For four years, he taught several art classes for the Continuing Education Program of the Vancouver School Board. From the University of British Columbia, Leonard has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a Professional Teacher’s Certificate. Leonard’s work has been widely collected in British Columbia and Alberta, with some pieces in Europe. Having had work displayed in galleries in British Columbia, Alberta, Washington and California, Leonard has taken part in a number of group and one man shows. In addition, twice his art has been featured on the cover of Reader’s Digest Magazine; this was August 1992 (English Version) and July 1996 (French Version). The strength of Leonard’s acrylic and watercolour paintings lies in his expressive style celebrating the flow of nature through the use of broad, loose brushstrokes of vibrant colours and rich tones. He uses wet-on-wet techniques with both mediums.

Artist Statement

Visual art has two equally important stages: the first is the creative process in developing a work of art; the second is the relationship between the art and the viewer. My greatest joy is in the former; I love to paint. I love the surprises, the discoveries, the very physical nature of the painting mediums. However, I appreciate a universally accepted goal of art, specifically to move people at an emotional level in recognition of that which inspires the artist. Painting expresses what words cannot.



Artwork by Yako de Arburn

Yako de Arburn, Mixed Media Artist

Upper Mezzanine & Display Cases | August 2015

Born in Montreal June 29th 1961. Yako started painting at the age of 5, his fascination for the animal kingdom and the ocean creatures were his first subjects of interest. Self taught artist, he dabbles with many mediums. Also a singer//song writer//musician and actor, his passion for visual arts becomes his main focus. Sculpture, mask making, papier maché and oil painting are his mediums of choice. His 3D work on canvas also includes bones and remains found in nature. Most of his work is political and environmental, his approach to his subjects is to bring beauty and grace in a world where compassion fatigue becomes the first stain on his canvas…