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The Rotary Centre for the Arts offers individuals and community art groups the opportunity to display work in a variety of spaces throughout the centre. Those interested are encouraged to apply! Application to Exhibit

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'Perspectives on Reality'
by Keith Funk

In the South Atrium and Alex Fong Galleria
October 2014

This painting display is my first in many years. I am a realist with an eye for juxtaposition and a passion for the media of oil on canvas. For me, 'Perspectives on Reality' is a display of art inspired by an idea, a vision, a memory, a sight or even a dream. And, to a great extent, my art reflects on my daily home and work life. I'm a husband and father operating a professional consulting practice providing urban design, planning and building design for more livable cities. I have a BA in Fine Arts from UofS and a Masters in Architecture from UofC. Art and design are my life.

Throughout my fine art career, I have rendered my art as literal imagery painted in a representational style. Realism in art is a universal language and for me making images is an opportunity to communicate by composing a message or provoke a thought.

These works reflect our collective interdependent and personality. Some subjects focus on the big picture while others bring the viewer within intimate space. And, just for fun, some images cross space/time and reflect the humour of an optimistic soul.




at the Rotary Centre for the Arts

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