Art Exhibits

The Rotary Centre for the Arts offers individuals and community art groups the opportunity to display work in a variety of spaces throughout the centre. Those interested are encouraged to apply! Application to Exhibit


heART school image

heART school

In the Alex Fong Galleria
September 2014

The original heART school was dreamed up and renovated by Carrie Mitchell and Jesse Padgett at the beginning of 2013. They broke down walls and created a space big enough for 12 artists to have permanent inner city studios, above the Starbucks at the intersection of Bernard and Pandosy Street. The upstairs space not only has some of the best people watching windows around; but is an inspirational place for artists who might normally work alone to now work collaboratively and share ideas.

After the celebration of our one year anniversary at this original location, an ideal storefront space came available right next door, which we have been able to lease out, and create a whole new venue for heART school to grow into. At the time of writing, our Pandosy location is being renovated into a gallery, shared space and creative living room, a place to bring your mates to immerse in a creative environment. We believe that artists need interaction and empowerment from the community. Typically, making art is a solitary sport and for sensitive souls that can, at times, be limiting. heART school wants you to be a part of the process of our growth in a hands on way.

heART school currently has eight resident artists:

Carrie Mitchell:
Jolene Mackie:
Jackie Poirier:
Olga Poreda:
Shawn Larsen
Richard Clegg
Candace Bennett:

Check into studio space availability at


Amy Holland Artistry image

Amy Holland Artistry
Upper Mezzanine - September 2014

Amy Holland Artistry expresses art in the form of beauty, specializing in Freelance editorial hair and makeup. Amy has always had a passion for the arts. She especially found joy in playing music, painting, drawing or sculpting with hair.

Her vision was to create a company around a strong belief in preserving the body's integrity while still expressing her art. The use of environmentally friendly products and techniques has given Amy an opportunity to showcase her talents in a more organic way.

Amy has been fortunate to be able to showcase her unique talents as an artist in the film, music and fashion industry. She is looking forward to adding more projects in the future.


Artwork by Ryan Dumas

George Forney
South Atrium - September 2014

George Forney was born in 1931 in Ellison, BC. He completed 4 years at the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr School of Art & Design), graduating in 1954. For many years George painted for friends and relatives and had no intention of selling his work.

But two years ago George began to exhibit his work publicly and has since been involved in Art in the Park in Kelowna, showing prints of his paintings and photography. He has exhibited at Lake Country Art Walk, summer 2013, and For the Love of Art Almighty in the fall of 2013 at the Rotary Centre for the Arts.


Artwork by Cool Arts

Kelowna Calligraphers' Guild
Display Cases - September 2014

The KELOWNA CALLIGRAPHERS' GUILD exhibit includes work by many of its members. There are  examples of Calligrams, Pallindromes, Cinquain poetry, traditional Versals and modern decorated letters, Decorated envelopes inspired by their  postage stamps,  quotes by Tagore (and others), using  a variety of calligraphic "hands" (styles) on various surfaces, and many pieces incorporating other visual arts such as painting and bookmaking.

Calligraphy...from the Greek KALLI (beauty) and GRAPHIA (write)

Versals... drawn capital letters that originated in Lombardy, Italy and are based on the Uncial alphabet. They are seen in manuscripts heavily ornamented with vines and drawings.

Calligrams... creating a calligraphic piece within the visual shape of the subject matter

Palindrome... a word or phrase the letters of which, when taken in reverse order, give the same word or phrase

Mandate and Artistic Statement

The KELOWNA CALLIGRAPHERS' GUILD is a non-profit organization formed to facilitate the exchange of information between calligraphers and to promote interest in and appreciation of calligraphy as an art within the community. Its membership is volunteer-based and is open to calligraphers at all levels of expertise, as well as those with a love of beautiful writing. Members receive the guild newsletter,  published three times annually, and is exchanged with other calligraphy guilds across Canada. They also receive access to the Guild library, calligraphy supplies and reduced rates for workshops.

The Guild meets monthly, September to May on the last Monday of every month. General meetings are informal and include a Hands-On Activity. Some meetings include a display of members' artwork (galleria). Members of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. Meetings are held at Club 17 Senior Centre, 1353 Richter Street (@ Fuller Ave)

The Kelowna Calligraphers' Guild exhibits annually at the Kelowna Library and throughout the year at other venues such as Father Pandosy Mission for the Okanagan Historical Society, The Fintry Summer Fair, Artwalk, and recently at the RCA for Creative Aging Awareness Day.

Proceeds from Fundraising efforts are put towards an annual COBBS Bursary for students from the Central Okanagan, as well as other charitable causes.


at the Rotary Centre for the Arts

Image Gallery - Mural Projects Before & After
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Homes for the Holidays - Kelowna Mountain

Next time you're by, check out our colourful murals! Each was created by a different group of teens, led by talented artists David and Jorden Doody.


Time Lapse Video of the first mural being created.