Art Exhibits

The Rotary Centre for the Arts offers individuals and community art groups the opportunity to display work in a variety of spaces throughout the centre. Those interested are encouraged to apply! Application to Exhibit


Going Home by Colleen Dyson image

The Kelowna Painters' Studio Society

Alex Fong Galleria | April 2015

The Painters' Studio was formed in Kelowna in 1992, as a new
alternative to the established art groups who had lengthy waiting lists
for new membership. At its inception, there were seventeen fellow
artists working in diverse media, but open to new and innovative
approaches to expressing their art. After making some serious changes
in the group in 2006, they have redefined themselves into a new and
forward-looking society and have come together with a new purpose.
Their purpose is to promote and support their members and to encour-
age them in their artistic growth.

The Studios' Okanagan artists are committed to ongoing growth
through tutorials, workshops, exhibitions, and programs within The
Studio itself, have added a website and obtained Society status. The
group has held many shows over the years, and continues to bring
a high standard of fine art to the public. In 2012, the Studio happily
celebrated their twentieth anniversary.

Members of the group include Lizann Allan, Kit Bell AFCA,
Joan Bolen, Marilynn Bury, Elizabeth Christie, Colleen J Dyson
AFCA SCA, Barb Hanington, Susan Priest, Tove Sorensen,
Connie Swaisland, Lynn Tribe, and Bonnie Weber. They
bring a wealth of experience to the group with some members
offering classes, and others showing their work in various galleries.


Artwork by Amy Burkard & Judith Mueller

Top pieces created by Amy Burkard; bottom created by Judith Mueller

Amy Burkard & Judith Mueller

Display Cases | April 2015

Amy Burkard is a Kelowna sculptor and visual artist. She completed her BFA at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2003 with a focus on ceramics. She has since discovered felting and has developed a body of work in the fibre arts. Her imagination is "open", allowing room for experimentation and creative growth.

Judith Mueller is a West Kelowna visual artist whose works comprises sculptural installations, painting and fibre art. She loves all the processes involved in creating a felt piece. She washes, dyes and cards many of her fibres. Judith is an inspiring teacher and facilitator. She holds a BFA from the University of British Columbia.



Artwork by Kaylee Poulin

Kaylee Poulin

South Atrium | April 2015

Kaylee uses painting to capture emotion and express herself when words aren't enough. Finding her inspiration in nature and music, she uses acrylic paints to reveal the beauty around us that is so often overlooked. 



Under the Argentine Moon image

Above: "Under the Argentine Moon" by Ruth Bieber

Ruth Bieber

Upper Mezzanine | April 2015


Ruth Bieber holds a Master's degree in Education, from the University of Calgary, with a specialization in Rehabilitation. Prior to obtaining this degree, her professional focus was as a Counseling Therapist, working with clients with disabilities. This work challenged her to discover more effective therapeutic modalities. To this end, she shifted from traditional, verbal approaches, to the power offered by the arts.

In the early 1990s, she founded InsideOut Theatre, which was a reflection of her own evolution from therapy to theatre. Ms Bieber was the Artistic Director of this ground breaking, integrated theatre company for seventeen years, and in 2012 published the book "Disability Theatre From the InsideOut". The book is both practical and theoretical; plus holds great human interest.

Ms Bieber has received numerous awards for her specialized work including, YWCA/Global TV Woman of Vision (2004), the Euclid Harry award for Leadership (2006), The Donald Norman Award for contribution to the Theatre Arts (2008) and The Spirit of Kelowna for inspiration in promoting diversity within the visual arts community (2011).

After relocating to Kelowna, Ms Bieber took her creative inquiry into the visual arts. She began to paint and established a gallery appreciation program for people who are vision impaired. This project, modelled after the Art Beyond Sight program in New York City is in conjunction with the Kelowna Art Gallery. In 2013, with the Kelowna Art Gallery, Ms Bieber curated an exhibition of works by blind and vision impaired artists titled Just Imagine.

Visit her website at

Artist Statement

In March of 2014, I, together with two other blind equestrians, rode horseback through the rugged and moody terrain of Patagonia Argentina. For ten days we rode horseback, ate food cooked over an open fire and slept on the ground sometimes in tents, but not always. Six of the paintings in the exhibit comprise a series depicting some of my salient experiences while on the trail. Virtually all paintings are created with my hands; love the feeling of acrylic paint between my fingers! These paintings can also be found accompanying an article I wrote about my extraordinary South American experience, which is published in the March issue of the Sage-ing journal. It was an experience of a lifetime!

Also, thanks to Cheryl Hann and Jane Martens for their collaborative pieces, which I completed together with each artist separately. There's more to collaboration than what meets the eye!

- Ruth Bieber