Art Exhibits

The Rotary Centre for the Arts offers individuals and community art groups the opportunity to display work in a variety of spaces throughout the centre. Those interested are encouraged to apply! Application to Exhibit


Paula Sommers typewriters

Paula Sommers

Display Cases & Upper Mezzanine | December 2014

"Painting has been the documentation of my life and journey; of my experiences as a woman and as a spiritual being. My art practice is informed by shamanism and visionary states, by abstract painting and surrealism, and by my own personal evolution. Primordial images and symbols from the unconscious blend together with memories from my travels—the barren, snow-covered Canadian prairies, the donkeys and ruined walls of Yelapa, Mexico, the gold and palaces of Old Europe—creating windows into other worlds. Art is a voice spirit teaches with, encouraging freedom, love and community, which I reach out towards, like clover stretching upwards into the light."

- Paula



For Arts Sake image
Clockwise from top: Ruby by Nina Schmidtke, Emergence by Dallas Brown, The Universal Grizzly by Nick Gibson


South Atrium Exhibit
December 2014

For Art's Sake is a Kelowna based artist collective, founded in 2012. The group includes a variety of painters, crafters, jewelry, costume makers and is growing. Artists who are in the collective are young entrepreneurs, growing exposure through gallery showings, live art shows, teaching children and adults as well as showcasing at festivals and other large scale art events.

Many of these artists have honed and grown their talents here in the Okanagan, inspired by the landscapes, culture and the vibrant colors around them.  From inspiring sunsets to hazy beach days, Kelowna and the Okanagan are bound to birth a wide variety of youth artists to pursue their passion of creating a successful artist career.

Look them up on Facebook for new work, showings and artist details.

If interested in showcasing with the For Art's Sake collective, please e-mail



Artwork by Madelyn Hamilton

Madelyn Hamilton

Alex Fong Galleria
December 2014

Madelyn works with acrylic mediums that enable expression of the textures on her surfaces, most often  wood. She has been inspired by the work of artists in history such as David Milne, Dubuffet and Riopelle. 

Her work is nature based, expressed in semi abstract form, a counter to the world of technology. This artist’s work has been shown throughout the Okanagan and Lower Mainland. In later life, she accomplished a BFA degree through UBC Okanagan. Madelyn is a long time resident of West Kelowna and works from her home based studio.

Artist Statement

The natural world is always at the focus of my work. Continuous observations of colour, texture, shape and rhythms are indelibly simulated inwardly. Then, too, I have become newly aware of the energy impacts caused by weather systems. Trees take on new forms when being thrashed by strong winds. Heavy rains cause new pathways for water already in motion, which in turn carries the detritus of nature. Obstacles are seen above, below and through water. Motion becomes the antithesis to serenity and stillness.

There is mystery and wonder felt simultaneous, by the folds, the shapes, and the highly textured or abrasive marks of the vast, natural environment. That would include the marks of all living things, such as common tracks witnessing the presence of birds and animals, or imprints of wet leaves on a sidewalk, perhaps too, the manner in which bark naturally peels from a tree. Equally as fascinating are objects once abandoned by human life, the seemingly insignificant things mindlessly dropped by the roadside or pathway.They all are included in my repertoire of observations.

Those indelibly inked and felt observations are at some point in time, moved onto a matrix of choice. Here then lies the difficulty, for the storehouse of inner feelings will be transformed into physical reality.  My process begins with the shape of the matrix, be it wood, canvas or paper. With dense acrylic medium, I begin to build a low level somewhat sculptural feel to the surface. There is no plan from here, only feeling and intuition. The scratches, marks and sometimes objects, are worked onto the surface. A random colour scheme is felt, according to and fitting the idea. The essential ‘bones’ of the design are roughly laid out, most likely to be altered during the process. The active lines of motion are scrawled over the surface. Colour is laid down, layer after layer after layer. Rubbing out colour is part of the process. I build upon the texture and colours below. And as I have seen and remembered in nature, the thin transparencies begin to build. For myself, it is a long process of working into surface, examining, and leaving often for days or weeks, or months. At times, never concludes.

Over time, my surface transforms into an ambiguous environment of its’ own. The tangible matrixes of my art are there for investigation and provocation of thought. My hope is for the viewer to gain from these works a new awareness of our surrounding world with its endless and complex mysteries.

- Madelyn Hamilton


at the Rotary Centre for the Arts

Image Gallery - Mural Projects Before & After
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Homes for the Holidays - Kelowna Mountain

Next time you're by, check out our colourful murals! Each was created by a different group of teens, led by talented artists David and Jorden Doody.


Time Lapse Video of the first mural being created.