Art Exhibits

The Rotary Centre for the Arts offers individuals and community art groups the opportunity to display work in a variety of spaces throughout the centre. Those interested are encouraged to apply! Application to Exhibit

Apply by April 28th for residency starting July 1st, 2014. Click here for details.

Photo by Lise Guyot

Lise Guyot Photography
Alex Fong Galleria | April 2014
Opening Reception: (Sat) April 5th, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Lise Guyot loves to take photos and has been doing so for the past 25 years. Originally from Winnipeg, Lise has lived in the okanagan for the past 34 years. She grew up in a nature loving family with a father who was an artist and a professional photographer. Lise is a forest dweller, a hunter for outdoor locations to photograph. She is a gatherer of rocks and rusty metal, bones and skulls. She loves fashion and dead trees. Lise carries her camera more often then not, and recently felt the desire to share her images. Lise is constantly collecting ideas and concepts for future projects allowing herself this art form which fuels her passion.


Photo by David Emond

David Emond Photography
Upper Mezzanine | April 2014

David Emond is 37 years old and has been living with Schizo-affective disorder since he was 21. For this reason, David has only been able to develop photography as a hobby, rather than a profession. Most of his images are taken in the beautiful Thompson Okanagan, where he, his wife and daughter call home.

David uses an eclectic mix of subjects and developing techniques, from realistic to black and white to image layering. His intent is to portray more than just an image, and he aims to provoke the heart and mind, and to invite the viewer into a new way of looking at the world. David intends to show the order and beauty that is available to all who will take a moment to pause and look at the world around them.

With this invitation, David's hope is to bridge the gap between people with a major mental illness and those who are 'sane'. His Whole within the Part series demonstrates the complexity of the world by layering internal and external, micro and macro perspectives. This combination of perspectives cannot be captured by a single image. David believes the stigma surrounding mental illness is similar. By divorcing the whole from the part, the humanity from the illness, he believes one fails to see the beauty and miracle that each of us are. David hopes this Whole within the Part series will encourage people to honor the complexity and beauty in objects, in nature, and in the people around them, for he believes that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Tye Burton photo

Tye Burton

South Atrium | April 2014

As a photographer, Tye Burton's artistic expression led him to pursue a different form of what would be considered customary print. His collection is that of a highly unique metal print process. This chosen medium is notable within the first glance by the viewer. The metal's light reflecting characteristics add dimension and incredible lifelike contrast which purveys a sense of standing live within each photograph.

Tye's desire is to share his experience of traveling and embracing the incredible moments that everyday holds, whether admiring magnificent vaulted stone pillars of the Barcelona cathedral, or enjoying a sunset as it gleams down ancient cobblestone streets. Tye carefully edits each photograph in order to portray his artistic expression of the captured moment, taking full advantage of all the brilliant qualities that metal prints, and translating the viewer into the experience through intuitive photographic expression.

Tye is a self-taught photographer who says, "I am untainted by a formal education of capturing and processing. Rather I have been educated on the principles of self-exploration and to follow not only what looks right but, also what feels right within the moment. This is intuitive photography".


Jewellery by Judi May

Judi May, Soul Sterling Works
Display Cases | April 2014

Judi May's artistic experience, a passion for design and the creative medium of silver are combined to reveal a distinctive approach to jewelry making. Working with sterling silver, semi precious stones, antique and hand blown beads; unusual and original eye catching wearable art pieces are created with beautiful, inventive results and aesthetic appeal.

Judi believes, "Artistic expression is a form of communication that transcends the limitations of language. I have developed an openness to expand my experiences wherever it takes me."

Judi May was born and educated in Alberta and began teaching in Alberta in 1969. She received her Bachelor of Education and began teaching in Kelowna in 1972. After a successful teaching career, she continued with her interests in art and began pursuing the fascination of becoming a designer and silversmith in Victoria, BC. Here she took metalsmithing classes and numerous workshops to further improve her skills and creative pursuits. She established her own outlet, Bella Designs, which was soon to be renamed Soul Sterling Works: Bella Designs. She returned to the Okanagan in October 2013; continuing her creative passion.

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